recovery coaching and meal support


As I too have suffered from an eating disorder, I know the incredible importance of having hands on support, guidance and accountability throughout and after nutritional rehabilitation. Meal support provides the opportunity to practice eating to your physical needs and mental hunger. With my support, we will challenge habitual rules and disordered thoughts and have open dialogue to tackle anxieties as they come up, during and after mealtimes.



  • We will eat a meal or snack at a restaurant chosen by you

  • I will support you with anxiety and fears that arise during the meal outing

  • We will challenge food rules and gradually work towards more adventurous and fun food experience

home meal support

  • I will support you in meeting your nutritional needs during a meal/snack at home

  • We will plan, prepare, portion and enjoy a meal together

  • We will alternatively order a meal in and I will support with meal portioning.


  • We will go on a supported meal outing as a group

  • I will support with challenges that arise while in a group setting

  • I will support with individual nutritional needs during the group meal

  • As a group, we will come up with food challenges and experiences to tackle together