my approach


In my experience, I could make all the recovery oriented intentions in the world while talking to my therapist or before entering a supermarket, however, the moment I came in contact with the food, my parasympathetic nervous system switched on and I became paralyzed in my eating disorder.

Even when I was completely ready to recover, I found it almost impossible to overcome my thoughts when I was faced with food. As a recovery coach, my job is to intercept your thoughts, the moment they arise. I found it very important to have a recovery voice physically with me at meal times to get me in the habit of disregarding the ED thoughts and rewiring my brain to become used to eating to my needs.

While I will be physically with you for any meals/snacks that you feel most important for your recovery, I will also be available everyday via text and email. This way, you may always have the support and accountability that you require.


I emphasize that no recovery is the same and there is no one way to recover. Even on a day to day basis, I recognize that everyone's needs on how best to tackle the disorder will change. I believe that having accessible, honest communication and most importantly, listening to your needs is extremely important. We will work together to figure out what works best for you, at your current stage in recovery.

Everyone has their own personality, lifestyle and responsibilities. We will devise individual meal planning and scheduling to fit your needs.

The same goes for how the eating disorder affects you and your triggers - everyone struggles differently. Together we will identify triggers and compulsions and address them with urgency, directly.

Food is key

I believe that in order to recover, you must come out of energy deficit (mentally and physically). My main priority is to put a stop to my client's restriction and sneaky eating disorder compensatory behaviors. Proper nutrition is the medicine and a non-negotiable component to recovery. I believe that prioritizing my nutritional rehabilitation (no matter how long it took) was a huge reason I recovered.

With my support, we will devise a plan to make food and recovery work wherever you go. We will tackle fear foods head on and neutralize 'good/bad' labels. I can empathize the anxieties of restoring weight as I have experienced the process, therefore, I will share how I redirected body image thoughts, deep fears of the unknown and temptation for the eating disorder to restrict again.


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